About Roatan

Roatan is an island in the archipelago called ‘Las Islas de la Bahia’ or the Bay Islands. The group consists of three large Islands, Roatan being the largest, and many smaller Islands. The Bay Islands are located in the Gulf of Honduras – part of the Caribbean Sea, and are a department of the country of Honduras.

Roatan is around 38 miles long and varies between one half mile and 5 miles wide. It is a chain of underwater mountain peaks, that slope to the sea, and bights – fjord like bays that cut into the width of the Island on both sides causing variations in width up and down the Island. It’s geology makes for breathtaking views of Sunrises and Sunsets. About 40 miles from the mainland, and surrounded by water, breezes blow nearly constantly, and due to Roatan’s narrow width, they help moderate the temperature. A coral reef, part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, surrounds the Island, protecting the shore, and beautiful white sand beaches complete this Caribbean Island paradise.

For centuries fishing was the main industry in Roatan until scuba divers discovered the Island. Roatan started to become known in diving circles, and was considered one of the least expensive places to learn to dive. Scuba diving is still one of the main tourist draws today. In recent years, the cruise ship industry discovered Roatan, and more ships and passengers arrive every year. As Roatan has become more well know, resorts have sprung up, and all sorts of activities are available – fishing, sailing, kayaking, and snorkeling to name a few. Tourism is now the most important industry in Roatan.

The Island is divided nearly in half into two municipalities, the Municipality of Roatan on the western half and the Municipality of Santos Guardiola on the east. Most of the tourist activity and resorts are located on the west end of the Island, and as you go east the island becomes more rural, quieter, with large expanses of green forest sloping from the mountain tops to the sea.

There are many expats from all over living in Roatan. Americans, Canadians, British, German, Italian, and Czech citizens among other nationalities have chosen to make a home on Roatan. Some prefer to live in gated communities, others in the villages, still other’s in the country side. Some chose condo’s, some build American style houses, and still others prefer living in smaller Caribbean style houses. In Roatan there is a varied and interesting real estate market, with something for everyone.

Why Roatan?

Roatan Real Estate is one of the last great deals in the Caribbean. Low taxes, low wages, a great climate, beautiful beaches and views, and a favorable exchange rate means you can enjoy living or visiting Roatan for a lot less than most other Caribbean Islands. But don’t just take my word for it, see what others have to say…

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